Spun polyester is a 100% polyester, general purpose sewing threads for dressmaking.

120s is suitable for lightweight fabrics and overlocking.

Available ex-stock in over 55 shades, in: 5,000yd cones, 1,000yd cops (10 per box), 500yd cops (72 per tray)

Also available 10,000yd Natural, White and Black, 20,000 yd Natural and White, 75s is suitable for light/medium weight fabrics and is available ex-stock in 5,000yd cones.

sewing threads for dressmaking

N120 5,000yd

machine sewing threads for dressmaking

N120 10,000yd

polyester sewing threads for dressmaking

N75 5,000yd


N120 20,000yd

sewing threads for dressmaking

N120 /72 x 500yd

spun polyester sewing thread

N120C /10 x 1,000yd

sewing threads
sewing threads
sewing threads

Colour matching available if we don’t stock the shade you need. For all types of thread.


The textured filaments in this thread give a soft feel that is ideal for overlocking & cover seaming.

Gives softness & comfort on next-to-skin seams.

Sewing threads for dressmaking, underwear, swimwear, babywear, sweaters & home textiles.

80 Count available ex stock. Other counts available to order.

sewing threads for dressmaking

B80 5,000m


Polyester Corespun combines a polyester filament core with a polyester fibre wrap to give more strength and an excellent sewing performance.

Sewing threads for dressmaking, ladieswear, menswear, blouses, shirts, trousers, jackets, underwear, swimwear, workwear, uniforms, leather wear & leather goods.

Counts of 25, 36, 75 and 120 available ex stock. Other counts available to order.

sewing threads for dressmaking

T36 5,000m

polyester machine sewing threads for dressmaking

T75 5,000m

strong polyester sewing thread

T120 5,000m


Bonded nylon is particularly good for high speed sewing. Made from high tensity continuous filament nylon to give a high tensile strength.

Sewing threads for dressmaking, footwear, leather goods, plastics, webbing, upholstery, mountaineering equipment, inflatables & similar. Other counts available to order.

Counts of 15, 20, 30, 40 and 60 available ex stock. Other counts available to order.

bonded nylon sewing thread

BN20 1,500m

nylon sewing thread

BN30 2,500m

bonded nylon sewing thread

BN40 500m, 3,000m, 6,000m & BN60 1,000m, 4,000m


This is a cotton wrapped polyester corespun thread with a glace finish. The cotton wrap protects the core from needle heat and the glace finish gives a smoother surface, along with a lustrous finish.

Sewing threads for dressmaking, leather wear, fashion accessories, saddlery, automotive, luggage & travel goods upholstery, outdoor goods & sports equipment.

36 Count available ex stock. Other counts available to order.

cotton sewing threads for dressmaking

T36/PCG 4,000m


Monofilament is a single filament thread made from 6.6 nylon. It offers excellent strength in relation to its fine size. Its transparency helps it to blend into all fabric colours, making it an ideal cotton sewing threads for dressmaking, for hem & waistband stitching, blind stitching, quilting, ladies & menswear.

It is particularly soft, strong & resistant to high temperatures. Sold by the kilo in counts of 150, 180, 250, 320, 520, 620 & 720.

monofilament sewing thread